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America's #1 Panel Show and the People and Things Americans Found Interesting Between 1952 and 1967*


This is a website devoted to the TV series I've Got a Secret.  If you know nothing at all about the series (Seriously? Nothing?), or if you'd like a little bit of insight and background about what we're doing here,  THIS PAGE is a good place to start. Otherwise, use the drop down menu above (or the links in the footer below) to explore what we have to offer.  There is a page for every episode of the original series (all 681 of them) regardless of how much or how little we might know about each one.  There are also indexes to search for your favorite celebrities or subjects , episode guides broken down by calendar year (not by season) and lots more.  Whether you know a little or a lot about the show, we hope you find something you like.


1/17/24 - We now have a search bar (below) for you to find specific episodes you might be looking for, plus a new batch of suggestions (further below) if you're just browsing.  We also have cataloged about half of the episodes from the 1972-1973 syndicated version for you to browse, and all those pages link to a viewable episode on YouTube.



SPORTS:  The only American ice hockey player.  E635

BROADWAY: it's a Bird!  It's a Plane! It's Superman!   E641

FASHION/ART: Vincent Price puts funny captions to classic works of art.  E331

POLITICS: Vice-President Alben Barkley's granddaughter.   E5

INVENTORS/EXPLORERS: Philo Farnsworth invented electronic television.  E242

CELEBRITIES:  Soupy Sales does the Watusi with Watusi.  E616

The 50s panel: Garry Moore (Host), 
Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows,
Henry Morgan, Faye Emerson

The 60s panel: Steve Allen (Host 64-67), Bill Cullen, Henry Morgan, 
Betsy Palmer, Bess Myerson

* and 1972-73 and briefly in 1976 and again in 2000 and once more in 2006 and maybe again in 2024