J'ai un secret (Pierre Bellemare, 1982-83)

The French version of I've Got a Secret debuted on September 26, 1982 on TF1, France's oldest and most popular network.  It ran on Sundays in various time slots until December 18, 1983.  Like so many Secret hosts, Pierre Bellemare was a popular and versatile TV personality, but was primarily known for his work on game shows.  This version had a second game in which contestants who stumped the panel could win additional money by identifying photos of disguised celebrities. 

The brief clip below features the opening moments from a January 1983 episode.  The panelists are actress Charlotte de Turckheim, international film star Omar Sharif and humorist Pierre Desproges.  Sharif had appeared as a special guest on the American version back in 1965 (E624).  In the chat, de Turckheim is describing some of her upcoming projects, which include the 1983 films Edith et Marcel and My Other Husband.