489     June 18, 1962
Bill, Betsy, Henry, Bess

Jane Hoberman from Fresh Meadows, Long Island, [Pamela Hutchings] from New York and [Frankie Corotto] from New York City: “We were born the same day this program started (June 19, 1952)”                 
The three ten-year-olds usher in the tenth anniversary celebration for the program.  Young Frankie had appeared in 1958 ( E290 ) for the sixth anniversary of the program.   

Magician and former stagehand Lon Masterson involves Henry Morgan in his latest trick: “I’m going to pour water on you”  
Masterson seals Henry in a capsule and fills it with water supplied by a bucket brigade of Secret staff: associate producer Roger Peterson, wardrobe mistress [Rosalie “Ducky” Brown], production staffer Pat McCormick, studio guard [Ray Boden], production staffer Judy Crichton, theater manager Guy Alexander, production staffer Irma Reichert, teleprompter operator Bob Anderson, production staffer Diane Hoffacker and makeup artist June Gossett.  Henry emerges unscathed and dry, followed out of the small compartment by three models.  Several of the staff have turned up on past shows.  Masterson also performed on the fifth anniversary show ( E240 ) in 1957 while still a CBS employee.   

Garry goes into the air-conditioned control room to introduce us to the technical crew: director Franklin Heller, producer Chester Feldman (actually on the stage floor), associate director Al Mifelow, technical director Vernon Gamble, lighting director Ralph Holmes and audio engineer Jay Fairman.  Outside the control room are video engineer Jim Angerone, carpenters Dick Gorda and John Alex, lighting switchboard operators Johnny Brennan and Jay Brennan, prop men Joe Mullin and Bernie Rodkin, stage manager Don Darcy and camera operators Hans Singer, Cass Gaylord and Stan Gooding.   

Porter Leon Mumford (piano), electrician Mike Fitzgerald (harmonica) and Garry (drums) perform “Ain’t She Sweet” and “12th Street Rag,” eventually joined by Norman Paris and his band.