155     September 28, 1955
Bill, Jayne, Henry, Kitty Carlisle

The 1955 World Series is underway (Game One had been played earlier in the day) so we start with three quick baseball secrets.  Bill and Henry are blindfolded.  Jayne and Kitty are clueless. 

Mr. A: “I pitched the longest major league game in history” (26 Innings) 

Leon Cadore of the Brooklyn Dodgers pitched all 26 innings of the record-busting game on May 1, 1920.  His opponent, Joe Oeschger of the Boston Braves, also pitched the entire game.  The game ended in a 1-1 tie, called on account of darkness.    

Mr. B: “I pitched two no-hit games in a row” (1938) 
Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds threw a no-hit game on June 11, 1938 against the Boston Braves (known as the Bees at that time).  Four days later, in the first night game ever at Ebbets Field, he threw a second no-hitter against the Brooklyn Dodgers.  No pitcher before or since has accomplished that feat.   

Mr. C: “I have the highest lifetime batting average in baseball” 
Ty Cobb, among the greatest to ever play the game, still holds that distinction.  Garry lists many more of his records, some of which still stand.  They even make reference to the fact that he was a mean player in his day, with Bill mentioning that he “spiked a lot of second basemen, too.”

Garry has a secret of his own: "I spent the night with a lion"
"Blondie" is the two-year-old domesticated house pet of Texas oilman Charles Hipp.  Back home in the city of Graham, she eats at the table, sleeps in a bed and uses the family bathtub.  She made her national TV debut earlier today on Garry's morning show.  To prove her docility, Garry brings our five-year-old Bobby Sherman, the son of producer Allan Sherman, to ride Blondie around the studio.  A clip of little Bobby's adventure is featured on the 1957 Christmas show ( E266 ).  Oddly , even though this is an episode that once aired on Game Show Network, the GSN recording does not contain this segment.  Presumably it was cut out long ago for the clip to be used in the Christmas special, and the segment was never restored to the original kinescope. As for Blondie, she would continued to make newspaper headlines as her owner's tranquil traveling companion into the mid-1960s.  (Garry's secret above may not be an exact quote, since that part of the segment is missing.)
Special Guest Silvana Pampanini plays a game involving spaghetti 
With the panel offstage, Garry explains that signorina Pampanini understands very little English, but doesn’t have to.  The panel eats spaghetti as they ask their questions, and no matter the question, she answers “yes” if they are eating their spaghetti correctly, and “no” if they are not.  As Garry explains, the result is “confusion with meatballs”.  Pampanini made dozens of European films, mostly in the 1950s.  Her great beauty and fashion sense made her a sex symbol in her native Italy and throughout Europe, though in the United States she was known better as an ambassador for Italian cinema than for her movies themselves.