654     June 20, 1966 (LIVE)
Betsy, Bill, Bess, Henry

Mr. W, Mr. X, Mr. Y and Mr. Z: “We just flew around the world and set 21 new records” 
The panel is blindfolded, mostly because "Mr. W" is easily recognizable. Earlier in the month, Arthur Godfrey, Major Karl Keller, Fred Austin and Dick Merrill made the first around-the-world flight in a twin-engine business jet aircraft, setting many city-to-city speed records along the way.  All four are veteran aviators.   In November, 1965, Austin made the first flight around the world from pole to pole.  Keller is an aeronautical engineer and test pilot.  Merrill, who flew round-trip across the Atlantic in 1936, has nearly 40,000 hours in flying time logged, more than anyone in the history of aviation to date.  Godfrey, a pilot for 32 years, is starring on film in The Glass Bottom Boat (1966).   

US Senator Milward Simpson of Wyoming: “I delivered the commencement speech at her graduation” and Janice Fuqua from Valley, Wyoming: “I was the entire graduating class”                 
Janice is one of only two students in the small mountain school near Cody, Wyoming, and the sole eighth grader.  Simpson, who owns a ranch in Cody, also served as the state’s governor from 1955 to 1959.  His son Alan Simpson would represent Wyoming in the US Senate from 1979 to 1997.   

Special guest Sam Levenson makes his annual (and final) appearance to quiz the panel on grade school material.  This time he gives them questions at a third grade level.  Levenson had provided the panel study materials on a broadcast earlier in the season ( E647 ).  Questions include “Why do dogs pant?” “How does a thermometer work?” and “Why is the sky blue?”  Levenson’s autobiography Everything but Money (Simon and Schuster 1966) will be published in the fall.