388     June 8, 1960
Bill, Betsy, Henry, Bess

Ensign Alton Thompson: “I graduated from Annapolis today (top man in the class)” 
Lt. Charles Otstott: “I graduated from West Point today (top man in the class)” 
Mary Emma Neaves from Dallas, Texas: “I taught both of these men in high school”                 
Highland Park High School where Miss Neaves teaches has a strong reputation for turning out top students.  It is nicknamed “Little SMU” for its proximity to and feeder status for Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Lt. Otstott would eventually make General.   

Mr. Lamb from England brings in a large folder which contains: “Postage stamps…They’re worth more than half a million dollars” 
The folder contains a sheet of Penny Blacks, rare British stamps from 1940.  Penny Blacks were the first adhesive postage stamps used in a public system.  The stamps also established the flat rate of one penny for mailing a letter, regardless of distance.  Garry plugs the British Exhibition, a program going on at the New York Coliseum which shows Americans what England is like.  Denny Lamb is the organizer of the Exhibition.   

Special Guest Tony Perkins helps Garry strike the set, for the last time in this studio.  The Mansfield Theatre (CBS Studio 59) is being reconverted to a legitimate stage, and the show will have new digs next week.  Perkins, Garry, the other contestants and various crew members move next door to Delsomma Italian Restaurant for a party for the stagehands they’ll be leaving behind. The blindfolded panel is left alone on stage until the Secret is revealed.  Perkins will soon be seen as Norman Bates in the new Hitchcock movie Psycho (1960).  It would become his most famous role.