339     June 17, 1959
Bill, Bess, Henry, Betsy

The seventh anniversary show opens with Garry on a bare stage.  Garry takes us on a technically ambitious six-minute tour of CBS Studio 59, including a walk down 47th street to see the various outside entrances.  Along the way, we meet (in order) head carpenter [Ed Gasverde], properties head Jerry Calloner, Betsy and Bess, theater manager Guy Alexander, audio engineer Billy Taylor, technical director Vern Gamble, director Franklin Heller, assistant director Bruce Minnix, music director Norman Paris, sound effects man Jack Amarind (who hits the buzzer), cameraman Joe Schwartz and finally the entire panel at their desks.  Contestants on the show will be other backstage staffers.   

Head electrician Max Greenfield: “I’m going to play my 1-string fiddle (accompanied by Bess Myerson)” 
Props men Calloner and Don Von Praugh bring out the instruments, including Bess’ piano, and the duo performs Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.   

Usher Mike Altiari: “I’m going to sing a duet with Betsy Palmer” 
The duo performs We’re a Couple of Swells    

Teleprompter operator Bob Anderson and makeup artist June Gossett: “We’re going to co-star in a dramatic scene…it was written for us by Bill Cullen and Henry Morgan”   

Spotlight operator Tommy Germaine performs The World Is Mine Tonight from his perch high above the stage.   

Associate Producer Roger Peterson and usher Eddie Rodriguez roll out a birthday cake, and join Garry in one of his limber-legged dances.