242     July 3, 1957
Bill, Jayne, Henry, Faye

Al Barnett from Woodmere , Long Island: “I have 10 live snakes concealed on me” 
Fifteen-year-old Barnett is a recognized herpetologist who sells snakes all over the world.  Barnett reveals his large snakes afterwards, and deposits them in a glass tank center stage.  Jayne does not participate in the segment, because the producers know of her abject fear.   

Dr. X: “I invented electronic television (when I was 14 years old – 1922)” 
Philo T Farnsworth is recognized today for his early efforts in moving the development of television away from mechanical parts and into the world of electronics.  He owned nearly 200 patents related to television alone.   A series of legal battles with RCA and its leader David Sarnoff (dramatized in the Aaron Sorkin play The Farnsworth Invention) plus a variety of financial setbacks left him broke and virtually unknown in his lifetime.  His widow’s efforts to secure his place in history helped bring his work to public notice years after his 1971 death.  In his conversation with Garry following the game, he anticipates high-definition television, saying that his goal is to create more lines of resolution for a sharper image.   

Special Guest Buster Keaton: “I’m going to judge the panel in a pie-eating contest” 
The legendary silent comic (who also appeared way back in E4 ) does not talk in his segment, which involves pies, but not to the face.  Bill and Henry compete, and slapstick merriment ensues.