131     April 13, 1955
Art Carney, Jayne, Henry, Faye

Bill's on vacation, and Garry introduces the panel in reverse order to give Art Carney a proper introduction.  Carney was best known (and wildly popular) at the time for playing Ed Norton on the Jackie Gleason Honeymooners shows.  Garry congratulates Carney on his recent Emmy win.   
Messrs. X and Y: “We’re members of Baseball’s Hall of Fame” 
Dazzy Vance pitched for many teams, but his longest stint was with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1922 to 1932 and again in 1935.  He led the National League in strikeouts for seven consecutive years.  Jimmie Foxx played first base for the Philadelphia Athletics and Boston Red Sox from 1925 to 1942.  He had 534 home runs in his career, which at the time was second only to Babe Ruth’s 714.  Foxx was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1951, Vance in 1955.   

Mr. Denton from Newcomerstown, OH: “I am a member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame too” 
Denton Young (they cheated by using his first name) was far better known by his nickname.  Legendary pitcher Cy Young played from 1890 to 1911.  His 511 career wins is still the major league record, and nearly a hundred wins more than the next highest total.  Garry recounts many other records and accomplishments.  Cy is not “young” at the time of this appearance.  He is 88 years old here.  He would die in November, and the pitching award named for him would be created the following season.   

Special Guest Fred Allen: “I once had to fire Garry Moore (1936)” 
Garry was one of many amateur hopefuls who performed on the “Stars of Tomorrow” segment of Fred Allen’s radio show Town Hall Tonight. In those days there were separate broadcasts for East Coast and West Coast audiences, and Garry claims he was so bad in his first performance that the producers (not Mr. Allen himself as it turns out) cut him from the West Coast performance.