331     April 15, 1959
Bill, Kathryn Grayson, Henry, Betsy

Sixth Grade Class of the Schuyler School in Kearney, New Jersey: “We learned to play these instruments by watching a television class”
The students play Old Folks At Home and The Children’s Marching Song (better known today as This Old Man) on tonettes and flutaphones, recorder-like instruments.  Their television teacher Richard Berg is in the audience and their classroom teacher Doris Jackson conducts the group.  (The students are clearly thrilled to see Mr. Berg in the flesh.) During this time, New York’s independent station WPIX-11 ran educational programming during the day.  In 1962, WNET-13 would become New York’s preeminent educational station and the flagship for the National Educational Network, the precursor to PBS.   

“Teddy”: “I was captured by Theodore Roosevelt (1914)” 
Teddy is a giant tortoise, a resident of the Bronx Zoo.   He was found in Southern Brazil by the former president and his companions during the Roosevelt-Randon Scientific Expedition.  That mission was famed for its exploration of the “River of Doubt” in the Amazon basin. The team initially named the tortoise “Lizzie”, but when he arrived in the Bronx, the zoo realized he was a male, and chose to name him after his famous donor. Teddy was the oldest resident of the zoo at the time, and was expected to live much longer, but in an unfortunate accident would drown in a moat in 1962.   

Special Guest Vincent Price brings with him images from classic works of art, to which he and Garry provide funny captions.  This is based on a popular humor book of the day, Captions Courageous (Abelard-Schuman 1958).  The horror roles for which Price would be remembered are for the most part still ahead of him.  At this point in his career, the public mostly associates him with his vast knowledge of fine art.